Why don't the stars collide?
in a space, so dense, still so wide
why do our hearts meet?, so divert, but the beat feels right
I feel I can conquer the sun, but our love gives me a feeling of fright

Everyday I worship the sole being of you
everything you say and do feels so utmost true
though of your utter deepest feelings I have no clue
you are the shining star in my range of events, the dawn is almost due

Our love is an omen of the upcoming sunset
together we investigate the secrets of enlightment and upcoming threat
controversial we feel when we share the overheated but still cold feeling bed
the flame of initial love seems to have famished in a form of 'easy to get'

The universe has so many stars to spare
why did I pick the wrong one? it feels like a serious nightmare
where did you go my dear? I miss you everyday as if life doesn't care
to give me the luck I deserve, please don't you of all people dare ...

© Ron Vos, 2017